News from AllianceQ: December 2016

GLAD's Fall Fundraiser is Underway

“I hear it all the time,” says Mark Johnston, Executive Director of GLAD’s Open & Affirming Ministry Program, “people think that GLAD is funded by the General Church.” It’s not so, Mark goes on to explain. GLAD is a stand-alone 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As such, it is the contributions you make that fund GLAD’s activities.

GLAD has been actively training pastors and church leaders to move congregations further along the welcoming journey towards becoming O&A, has been working to build intersectional relationships with Disciples and ecumenical justice organizations, and is making plans to increase its commitments to justice work and to Open & Affirming ministry.

Dr. Johnston has more to say about plans for the next year: “I want to work to continue connecting our churches to the resources they need to build a church where all are welcome. I want to involve you more in this work, since I can’t do this alone. I want to build up an organization that can be present at every regional assembly and major meeting of Disciples. And I want to build up a trained group of volunteers who can mentor welcome in congregations on the journey towards becoming Open & Affirming.”

But this work takes time and travel, and that costs money. In fact, GLAD is currently unable to meet about $10,000 of its obligations this year.

How can you help? GLAD you asked!

  • Certainly, you can make sure your membership is up to date, and you can simply give a little extra by clicking here. And don’t forget that a regular quarterly or monthly contribution is the easiest way to make sure your membership is always up to date and the best way to ensure that GLAD has the funds to accomplish our Mission.
  • You can check that your congregation has given to GLAD, and encourage your church’s mission council our outreach ministry to contribute to the GLAD Alliance.
  • You can encourage your family and friends to join the GLAD Alliance. You can even commit to encouraging your church friends to meet GLAD’s Membership Challenge.

If GLAD has your post office address, you may already have received our fall appeal letter in the mail. If not, you can read a copy here. And please, renew your membership and give a little extra today!