News from AllianceQ: January 2021

Drawing rainbows: Reflections from the EDM

In Greensboro, NC, this morning, I took my toddler to a doctor’s appointment. Outside the downtown building a protestor held signs with angry words. Just steps from this individual, another person was drawing a rainbow in chalk on the sidewalk. I felt gratitude and hope. Not because of the rainbow image itself. Not because an illustration on the sidewalk will alter the landscape of our fragmented world. *Because there are many of us drawing, speaking, writing, showing up, mobilizing, modeling.

May we be artists and activists, “drawing rainbows” all over, building bridges and bringing about healing; repenting, repairing, embodying just, inclusive love.

Building the kindom of God not empires.

With the January 6 acts of terrorism in Washington, DC, and in State Capitols where similar acts of insurrection took place, AllianceQ echoes the words of our General Minister and President Rev. Terri Hord Owens:

“…Jesus calls us to something higher… We must go another way… Pray. ACT… Let’s be the church we say we are.”

The video message from Rev. Owens is below. We are a movement for wholeness and we affirm our commitment to co-create wholeness with you.

Let me highlight good news–Gospel news:

LGBTQ+ Disciples ministers and seminarians are preaching the Gospel with Virtual Pulpit Supply.

Pre-recorded sermons on the lectionary text every fourth Sunday of the month. Available for download one week in advance, you will be provided with a scripture reading, sermon, and sending forth. Messages are relevant for worship, Bible study, small groups and workshopping. Archived on our website, you can download and incorporate VPS recordings for use on alternate Sundays or in a variety of contexts. Preachers are active members of AllianceQ and/or Disciples Justice Ministries. Identifying as queer or an ally, each preacher brings a unique perspective for engaging and responding to the scripture.  Preaching schedule and full details here:

Open & Affirming Ministry is deepening and expanding!

These 20 ministries celebrate January O&A anniversaries.

AllianceQ celebrates 30 years of ordained ministry for Rev. Allen V. Harris in a big way, with the Allen V. Harris Open & Affirming Ministries Endowment Fund $30,000 for 30 years.

Allen has been dedicated to local, regional and general expressions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He became an early leader in the Gay, Lesbian, and Affirming Disciples Alliance; now the Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance – AllianceQ. The full story and an invitation to celebrate and contribute here.

Virtual Building an Inclusive Church trainings are available.

A Building an Inclusive Church (BIC) training helps you design and implement a journey for your faith community to publicly and intentionally welcome people of all gender expressions and sexual orientations. The training empowers congregations and ministries to create a grace-filled process towards becoming Open & Affirming, a process uniquely designed for the needs of each community. Training schedule and specifics here.

Draw rainbows

Speak. Write. Show up. Mobilize. Model. LOVE. Join us and other Disciples Justice Ministries. “Draw rainbows.”


“…Jesus calls us to something higher… We must go another way… Pray. ACT… Let’s be the church we say we are.”

May it be so. May we act. Amen.
Melissa Guthrie Loy, Executive Director + Minister
Hear this message from our General Minister and President Rev. Terri Hord Owens: