News from AllianceQ: February 2021

Daddies called the doctor: Reflections from the EDM

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped their head / Daddies called the doctor and the doctor said / No more monkeys jumping on the bed

My 3 year old loves to sing. It’s delightful — most of the time. She sings and dances and jumps around. There’s a small trampoline in her brother’s room but she chooses to jump on the bed and the couch. During the pandemic we installed a rope ladder and swing in our living room. Landlord will like that when we move out. Our toddler is active and the exercise and movement are important for her wellbeing.

Also important: the songs she hears and the stories she sees on the screen and in books.

My wife and I play Progressongs: “Classic children’s songs that represent LGBT+ families, adoption, step/blended families, individuals with physical differences, and much more featuring two Broadway singers.” As two moms we can’t help but smile when our kiddo chooses to belt the “daddies called the doctor” line from Three Little Monkeys. The  two daddies call the female doctor.

In some books, we change the words. Love Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site but the “tough, strong trucks” are male. We change up the pronouns. Our daughter had a construction-themed 2nd birthday because that’s what she wanted.

We are intentional about decentering heteronormativity, maleness and whiteness. We’re trying; we are learning, we are undoing, we are building.

Stepping into Black History Month, we ordered Sylvia and Marsha Start a Revolution: The Story of the Trans Women of Color Who Made LGBTQ+ History. One of our favorite books is Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black HistoryI learned a lot of history from this children’s book. Also love: I Am Enough. Authors and illustrators linked. (If you use Amazon, please support Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance using this direct charity link.)

Marsha P. Johnson is featured in this African American History article. Includes her biography and an artist’s sketch of Johnson as an icon.

What are you reading? Watching? What are your children and youth hearing? What words are they singing and what stories will they shape?

God’s expansive love invites us to expand our language, representation, leadership, love for neighbor, love for all.

It continues to be a joy to serve with AllianceQ. It’s a lot of work and it’s worth it. Thank you for being a part of this movement as we work for a more just and inclusive church and world.

Including and Expanding.


P.S. As a parent and faith leader, I welcome suggestions for books and media. Email me to share recommendations or to connect about the welcoming journey and the mission and ministry of AllianceQ.