News from AllianceQ: November 2016

Creating Change

Looking for a powerful way to connect with LGBTQ people and allies who are working to create change in our world? Seeking to increase your understanding of the powerful justice issues affecting the LGBTQ community and their intersections with people of color, women, the undocumented, and other communities? Do you desire to gain the skills needed to create change, including organizational administration and community building?

It sounds like a tall order, but it’s all there at Creating Change. Creating Change, hosted by the National LGBTQ Task Force, will be held for the 29th time In Philadelphia, PA, January 18-22, 2017.

You can learn more about Creating Change here and you can register here.

Mark Johnston, Executive Director of GLAD’s Open & Affirming Ministry Program and Dan Adolphson, GLAD Council Moderator, will be attending. Will you? Drop a note to us at if you are planning on being there so that we can plan to meet!