News from AllianceQ: April 2018

AllianceQ Presence at the Black Ministers Retreat

For the first time, AllianceQ was present as a sponsor of the Black Ministers Retreat last month in Virginia. As part of our sponsorship we set up an exhibit table and were given time to speak to retreat participants.

Whittney Murphy, member of the AllianceQ Council, and Rev. Darren Phelps, pastor of Bethel Christian Church in Washington, DC, an Open & Affirming Congregation, were on hand to provide information at our table and represent the Alliance.

Whittney and Darren shared information about Open & Affirming Ministry with many of the pastors at the retreat, including providing them with lists of resources and copies of the Building an Inclusive Church Toolkit. The two of them were able to take turns participating in the program of the retreat as well as talking with pastors at the table, giving them insight and access to the needs and concerns of those at the retreat.

Whittney especially reports that people were surprised that this is the first time that AllianceQ was present at this retreat. This surprise gives us pause to realize that we have more work to do to be present to our whole church.

Darren Phelps and Whittney Murphy speaking to pastors at the Black Ministers Retreat.

Darren Phelps representing the Alliance at the Black Ministers Retreat.