News from AllianceQ: November 2018

AllianceQ O&A Team in Illinois Wisconsin Present at Regional Assembly

Some members of the AllianceQ O&A Team in the Illinois-Wisconsin at their table in the exhibit are of their Regional Assembly last weekend.
The AllianceQ O&A Team in the Illinois Wisconsin Region were present at their Regional Assembly in Bloomingon, IL, late last month. The team reports great success in providing resources to people who are interested in moving their churches towards becoming Open & Affirming. Apparently the candy bowl was a great hit, and by the end of the Assembly even the “All Are Welcome” chalice logo sign was taken from the table (we didn’t plan to give that away, but no worries if you have it! – we hope you are displaying it proudly!).

AllianceQ O&A Teams are active in approximately a dozen of our 32 Disciples regions, and three or four more are in the beginning stages of organizing. Eight of these teams have been present at their regional assemblies this year, from Washington State to Georgia.

Are you interested in helping with one of our teams? Perhaps your region has a team already started, perhaps you can help start a team in your region. Be in touch with Mark Johnston at for more information.